Land Acknowledgement

Freshwater Bay Early Years

Claremont Yacht Club was established in 1905 after purchasing the riverside land and house known as ‘Deepdene”. The house, originally known as “Lucknow” was completed in 1883, and later when it was sold was renamed “Deepdene”.

Prior to 1830 the land around Freshwater Bay was the home of the Wajuk Nyungar people, for whom the land had ceremonial, ritual and spiritual significance. They camped, hunted and fished from the river’s edge north to Herdsman Lake. They believed the mythical dreamtime spirit, Waugul, lived in the cliffs on the western side of the bay, and was associated with the river’s creation, it’s course, tributaries, banks and streams.

Claremont Yacht Club  acknowledges the authors of ‘Claremont a History’, published 1999, Jenny Gregory and Geoffrey Bolton for permission to use source material (page 13), and “Freshwater Bay Region” map prepared by Lorne Leonard and Grant Revell, 1999.