Claremont Yacht Club undertook an extensive expansion of our marina during 2014-2015 to add 59 pens on the south side of the Club’s previous marina. The expanded marina now accommodates 229 vessels up to 25m in length. All berths have access to power and water and courtesy trolleys are available for members to transport supplies to their boat.

The jetty system is serviced by a full-time bosun who maintains the facility. Access to the jetty system is via a security gate opened by your membership card.  Security is enhanced by CCTV which covers the access jetties, clubhouse, carpark and grounds.


In addition to its pen structure, the Club can also accommodate vessels on moorings at competitive monthly rates. We also offer temporary pen accommodation with our sub-letting system of pens which are empty while the usual occupant is are away on long cruises or for maintenance.


The Club provides premium unleaded petrol and diesel through bowsers at competitive prices. A fuel card is available to owner members, providing 24-hour access to the bowsers and an automated payment system via Members’ Membership Accounts.


Boat maintenance contractors, who meet the Club’s insurance requirements, may register with the Club as a Preferred Contractor.  Registered contractors are provided with access cards which allow entry to the Club carpark and marina during usual work hours.  A list of the Club’s preferred contracted is provided under “Club Info”.


Storage is also available for sailing dinghies in a locked shed, and the rack system allows individuals to access their boats on their own without needing any assistance. Rigging is done on the lawn abutting the storage shed, and is close to the water, allowing the boats to be launched by one person.