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Claremont Yacht Club is ideally situated in the shelter of Freshwater Bay of the Swan River almost midway between Fremantle Harbour and Perth City. It is the ideal spot to cast off for a cruise or for fishing any time of the year.

Claremont Yacht Club has a deep commitment to the boating traditions. It was founded in 1905 by visionary yachtsmen who enjoyed the companionship of those who shared their enthusiasm for boating and their love of the sea. Since then, the Club has developed into a full-service operation embracing all forms of boating activities within the community, earning a reputation of being one of the friendliest clubs on the Swan River.

The membership reflects the club’s heritage and that of the local area, including business and professional people from all parts of WA; local families and social groups. The Club is controlled by Members and each Member has a voice in the use and care of the club’s facilities and services.

The facilities are excellent and there are activities to suit everyone. Whether a member owns a boat or not, the Claremont Yacht Club offers the benefits of a private social Club with extraordinary services and facilities. The Club offers a fully-licensed bar along with casual and formal dining with stunning views overlooking Freshwater Bay.

The Club has a crisp boating atmosphere, but neither boating nor dining is our sole focus. Our purpose remains as it was at its inception: to provide amusement, recreation, and entertainment for the Club Members and friends. One universal goal sets our Club apart from any other: CYC is committed to welcoming newcomers and to preserving the warm and comfortable ambiance that makes it truly a “home away from home” for all its Members.

The Officers, Committee Members and Staff strive to make the Club a fun place to be while upholding the traditional values associated with boating activities, coupled with gracious dining and positive social experiences.


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History of Claremont Yacht Club


On the evening of 17 February 1905, forty-seven enthusiasts met at the Continental Hotel to discuss the venture into a properly constituted yacht club. This would signify the first inaugural general meeting of the Club, and many Officers were elected that evening. The first Commodore appointed was Sydney Stubbs, with Vice Commodore being W.K. Potter. The members who joined the Club during this first meeting are the Club’s Foundation Members.

Fees were set at ₤1-1-0 nomination and ₤2-2-0 subscription, which at that time exceeded the weekly average wage by a considerable amount.

Inaugural Committee of Claremont Yacht Club in 1905

The Land

The first Commodore Sydney Stubbs approached the Secretary of Railway, Mr. Alpin Thomson, who owned the property Deepdene on the foreshore and was prepared to sell it to the Club for ₤1,250. Commodore Stubbs agreed to lease the property with an option to purchase. On December 20th, 1910, the title for Deepdene was transferred to the Club, and CYC became the first yacht club in Western Australia to own its own land and premises.

Land Acknowledgement

Freshwater Bay Early Years

Claremont Yacht Club was established in 1905 after purchasing the riverside land and house known as ‘Deepdene”. The house, originally known as “Lucknow” was completed in 1883, and later when it was sold was renamed “Deepdene”.

Prior to 1830 the land around Freshwater Bay was the home of the Wajuk Nyungar people, for whom the land had ceremonial, ritual and spiritual significance. They camped, hunted and fished from the river’s edge north to Herdsman Lake. They believed the mythical dreamtime spirit, Waugul, lived in the cliffs on the western side of the bay, and was associated with the river’s creation, it’s course, tributaries, banks and streams.

Claremont Yacht Club  acknowledges the authors of ‘Claremont a History’, published 1999, Jenny Gregory and Geoffrey Bolton for permission to use source material (page 13), and “Freshwater Bay Region” map prepared by Lorne Leonard and Grant Revell, 1999.

Freshwater Bay Early Years

The First Race

Approximately five weeks after the Club was formed and the committee appointed, it was decided to celebrate the making of the club by holding the first-ever race.

“On March 25th, 1905 we held our first race – a club event – for a handsome cup presented by Commodore Stubbs. Twenty-six boats entered and eighteen started. After a good race ‘Alexandra” got home first, closely followed by ‘Ozone’, ‘Minora’, ‘Nyrvea’, only 18 seconds separating the last three, which speaks volumes for the good work done by the handicappers, Messrs Sharkey and Bonney.” – Hon Secretary Mr. Lernon

The club entertained over 200 visitors, all of whom expressed their pleasure at the day’s arrangements and felt sure that CYC was an acquisition to Claremont and had come to stay.

Claremont Yacht Club Through the Years

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