Hello and welcome to the Power Boating Section of Claremont Yacht Club. Most people don’t realise that the Power Boat Section has an official season of competition. Starting in May, with an Official Opening Day Sail Pass, followed by the day’s event and a sumptuous evening meal with entertainment, the Power Boats chart the local waters of the Swan River on a Time Trial. 

The object of the competition is to navigate the river using pre-determined courses at an allotted speed, and to arrive at the manned checkpoints (which are navigation marks on the river) at a pre-determined time – each second counts.

Points are lost for every second you are late or early, and the event is handicapped for those of us that are a bit rusty. The whole emphasis is fun and enjoyment, and to use your boat through the winter months when normally it would sit unused and un-loved. Most boat owners bring family and friends and use the time as a great way to socialise. The events run for around an hour, starting at 2pm on every second Saturdays. The fellowship and stories continue in our wonderful bars that overlook Freshwater Bay.

The season usually ends in the last weekend of September.

Claremont Yacht Club also organizes “cruise in company” and other social events on the water during the summer months.  These activities are open to all members with power boats and also members with sail boats. These activities are a great way to meet other members and to learn about pleasant bays and locations around the Swan River and the islands beyond Fremantle Harbor.

To wind up, I would encourage you to contact the club and become involved with these events, or contact our office to jump on board with one of us to show you the ropes. After all, why have a Power Boat if you are not going use it? Be involved and come and have fun.

What is Power Yacht Time Trialling?

If you want to know more about time trialling, follow this link to a more details description.

How to checkpoint.

This is another great way to join in with a Club activity during the power boat season.  For the time trials to run successfully, the Club needs volunteers to man checkpoints.  Follow this link to find out how easy this can be.

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