The documents linked here provide Members and prospective Members with information on how to use and retain boating accommodation and facilities at Claremont Yacht Club.

Boating accommodation at the Club consists of:

  • Pens;
  • Moorings;
  • Hardstand bays;
  • Dinghy shed racks;
  • Foreshore dinghy accommodation;
  • Temporary pens;
  • Temporary hardstand;
  • Undercroft work area;
  • Boat launching ramp; and
  • Refueling facilities

Access to boating accommodation facilities is one of the most valuable privileges of membership of Claremont Yacht Club.  No Member owns, or has special rights to occupy any boating accommodation provided by the Club. Arrangements such as the payment of rent in advance is required but does not provide a right to a member to occupy a specific pen, mooring or other boating accommodation.

The Pens and Moorings Committee administers the allocation and use of boating accommodation, other than Dinghy shed racks.  Minor maintenance of the pen system, moorings, hardstand bays, ramp, foreshore dinghy accommodation and the use of the undercroft work area is undertaken by the Bosun under the management of the House Committee;

The Dinghy Sub Committee is responsible for the allocation, administration and maintenance of the dinghy shed racks.

It is the responsibility of all members the ensure that their vessel complies with both safety requirements and meets the standards required to ensure the Club can meet its obligations to the management authorities of the Swan River and recreation areas around the Club..